How many Subarus does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

That adage doesn’t actually fit here, but bust out your trusty TI-83 calculators (I’m dating myself, I’m aware), because when it comes to counting Subarus for this word problem, this one is a doozy. How many Subarus have ever been sold in America? Wild guess? Hint: the first year they were sold in 1968, there were 332 Subarus purchased by American customers.

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Subaru Has Best Month EVER!

Our fondest farewells to August 2019. The last days of splashing in the pool. Trading in frisbees and beach bags for No. 2 pencils and backpacks. The celebrations shift from BBQ to backyard fire pits, and this year, Subaru of America and Beyer Subaru better throw some extra wood on theirs and buy the finest s’more chocolate and marshmallows that money can buy, becausethey have lots to celebrate: they’ve each had the best sales month in .....
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Celebrating Thanksgiving Around Alexandria

Thanksgiving time is all about family and finding fun things to do together, and you will find a lot to do around Alexandria, Virginia. Many fun things happen this time of year; you just need to know where to look!

Spend Some Time Volunteering

Get your family involved in volunteering on Thanksgiving to give back to those who are less fortunate than you. Many organizations need help on Thanksgiving day, and you should find a volunteer opportunity that fits well with your family.

Share a Thanksgiving Meal Out

There are many great restaurants in the Alexandria, Virginia area, and you…

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Fun Fall Traditions in Alexandria

Arguably the most beautiful season in the United States, fall offers many family-oriented activities that have become traditional to small town USA. Sometimes it feels like it can be very difficult to find activities for the whole family. Luckily for you, Alexandria is a great place to live and has tons to offer!

Fall Favorites in Alexandria

  • The film festival is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The film festival is host to independent…

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Check These Winter Car Checks Off Your List

As the weather grows colder, it’s even more important to ensure that you’re prepared and that your car is winter-ready. After all, no one wants to get stranded in frigid temperatures; especially when there are simple steps that you can take to prevent it. 

Prepare an Emergency Kit 

As any good Boy Scout knows, it pays to be prepared and, when it comes to being stranded in a cold car, this advice couldn…

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Explore Old Town Alexandria in Style

Are you looking for things to do in Old Town Alexandria? Look no further because there is so much to do in Old town Alexandria. Founded in 1749, Alexandria, VA is a nationally classified historical region.

King Street Mile

Boasted as one of the "great streets" of America you can walk the breathtaking King Street Mile. There you will find what makes this one of the top things to do. You can experience dozens of…

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